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Southern Recreation has proudly partnered with Marlin Leasing to offer our customers an extremely simple and quick opportunity to finance your playground purchase.  

  • Step 1 Request a quote from Southern Recreation-drop your selected items into your shopping cart and hit submit.  We’ll get you a quote back with 24 hours 
  • Step 2 Download the Easy Leasing/Financing Form
  • Step 3 Fill out the required information
  • Step 4 Fax the form along with your quote to Marlin Leasing-most applications are returned within  3-4 hours 
  • Step 5 You're Approved!

Marlin requires a modest down payment, paid directly to Marlin.  Marlin Leasing will then issue a purchase order to Southern Recreation for your equipment. Once we have installed your equipment Marlin will confirm that you are happy and satisfied with your service. Southern Recreation will then invoice Marlin direct.  You will be responsible for the agreed upon monthly payments.  At the end of your payment schedule along with One Dollar the equipment costs have been satisfied.  

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